Sad news.

This is my last post I’m moving! Moving to Sweet Kitty and it will have all of the doll stuff along with a lovely bit of insight into the quirky land of Me. So it will be fun. 

Recipe for sweet kitty blog

Take a cup of American Girl and a pinch of Tell It Like It Is and a spoon of pure humour and mix with cooking, art and reviews in liberal amounts and mix together. Bake for a half hour and enjoy with a cup of black iced internet tea with a dash of british spelling. Frost with inspiration and sprinkle on bits of day-to-day life and quirkiness. Throw on a bit of happy.

My new url is visit me!!! ;( 

My Thoughts on the new AG Products Part One

i’ll start with outfits.


basketball outfit

Lovely purple, but it looks IDENTICAL to the red one, which, frankly, is WAY cuter.


flower sweater and skirt

This is one of the cutest things ever!!! LOVE. Although more blue please AG .


school days outfit

B-O-R-I-N-G. What does that spell, kids? This outfit! Sorry, AG but this one doesn’t hit it home for me. 😦 Flats are cute, love the colouration.


OMG i just fell over!!! This is so squee! I need this so bad!!!! 🙂 The sneakers are like, SO cute!


tropical bloom outfit.

LOVE the blue- AG MAKE MORE BLUE STUFF LIKE THIS!!!! Kari needs this… French terry- so soft. My fave hoody is from Roots Canada and is like my bestie + it’s made of French terry. LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit. But tone down the flashy graphics!


peacock pajamas

No. Too girlie. Slippers=lovely. Colour of everything else- not so much. Sorry, but this one is yet another girlie set from AG who makes about 10% of outfits for non-girlie types.


Squee, so trendy! Pink + lime green = SO in right now!!! But where’s the warm up pants?


talent show set

Really, AG? More pink? But still, LOVE LOVE LOVE its cuteness and allover quirk!


witch costume

Where’s JK Rowling when you need her? My dolls want Harry Potter/Hogwarts uniforms not frou-frou pink and glitz!!! No. Sorry AG.

now onto the hair accessories!!


hair extensions

L-O-V-E! Tons of girls have streaks of colour, and i like these. Not for curly haired dolls.


braided headbands

LOVE these. little pricey, though.


chic buns

meh. Expensive. Cute. Simple. Ornate. No.


curly ponytails

I do not love these. Would get messy.

Thats all 4 today!!!! xxoo happycat bella and kari


Got News!

The Bad~ I’m on hiatus!

I am  going to my cousins house tomorrow. I’ll blog ASAP though. 

The BEST NEWS ALL WEEK` I got Doll Travel! 

OMG I’m SO Happy! KAri can’t wait. She’s coming with me and will be so happy to be back on the keyboard, blogging about her travelling.


Au revoir till Fri., 

xxoo Kari, Bella And HappyCat

New Project!!! AG Around The World

Hi people! It’s me, Bella. (MYAG22)

This Monday, me and my bestie Kari (caroline) are going Around The World!!!

But if Doll Travel isn’t @ Barnes and Noble, we’ll do somethin’ epic.

We’ll start here at my blog.

Pack Your Bags- by Bella. The kit is nice/helpful but you can make anything- a printer, paper and pens to the rescue!

How to pack your suitcase and get ready.

  1. Make some maps! The kit has Paris and London. You can print some too.
  2. Gather some games. Cards, mini board games, anything works.
  3. Prep your passport! Make one or use the one in the kit .
  4. Ready some reading material! I reccommend Harry Potter or anything AG or really LONG books. Magazines are good too.
  5. Change your change to the country you’re visiting. Get euros, Canada dollars, whatever. The kit has some or print/make your own.
  6. The kit comes with like, ten squillion stickers of different countries. Make stickers, little flags for scrapbooks, whatever strikes your fancy.
  7. Plan your visit- that’s my job. You can do one day, all the days, once a week, etc. Also dont freak if I forget a day… :0
  8. Get, make or print tickets and passes.
  9. Gather Gear! Round up your iThings, your camera, your GPS and an MP3 player or whatever you like.
  10. Enjoy today’s travelling warm-up!!!

P.S. Just ’cause it says “AG around the world” doesn’t mean other dolls aren’t welcome. Come on the plane, Barbie! All aboard, Webkinz and Monster High! You get the picture.

xoxoxo Bella

Randomness- week one

hi peeps!

today i…

wrote a letter to kari byron who is awesome and is a MythBuster. never heard of her?

go on the discovery channel website and search mythbusters.

Ate a SPICY donut. 

I picked one out of the box from Frost Donuts (very good place)called Aztec Chocolate .
I thought it was innocent- chocolate donut, frosting and chocolate shavings. 
NOPE!!!! I went on their website and found the Flavor Menu, then found aztec chocolate.
I’m like, REALLY?!?!?!?!?! The frosting was “cayenne-cinnamon chocolate”— my face was on FIRE!!!!
Started planning to train my cat to walk on-a-harness! 
This is gonna be the epic-est week ever, like, totally!!!! (yes. I am an optimist.)
I’m going to CAMP SEYMOUR which is a school tradition. They take the highest grade to Camp! I’m CRAZY EXCITED!!!!! 4 days in the wilderness. My dad’s chaperoning.
I’m PSYCHED!!!!!!
lol, my optimism is showing. xoxo happycat